We've Tackled Virtually Every Repair for OVER SIXty Years

Walker Diving has extensive experience with many types of equipment and the expertise to tackle most repairs to marine structures and vessels— both above and below water. We are well known for our work in helping General Contractors to complete the underwater and/or ‘wet’ portion of their projects on time and within budget. We also assist corporate clients with a full range of services—everything from planning and design to implementing repairs.Our highly experienced divers help customers reduce their downtime and maintenance expense.Some examples:

  • Bridges: concrete, timber and other materials

  • Dams: above and below water concrete and other types of repairs

  • Pier rehabilitation including pile wrapping and fender installation

  • Water tanks

  • Intake and outfalls

  • Pipelines

  • Repairs of vessels (rudders, hulls, etc.)

For more specific examples of our work, see our Sample Projects page.

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