Sample Projects


Penn DOT SR 291 over Darby Creek

This was a long term project with J.D. Eckman to encapsulate the bridge piers with epoxy and install pumped-in-place scour protection mats.

RI Department of Transportation
This project involved underwater improvements and repairs to the in-water substructure of the Washington Bridge crossing the Seekonk River, mainly encasing ten 7 ft pier support piles.

Concrete repairs to several piers and abutments. Replacement of fender walers and boards.

Walker Diving's portion of the project involved mainly concrete spall repairs both above and below the water line.

Piers & Wharfs

Georgia DOT
This project involved improvements to the steel substructure of a bridge, mainly repairing piles using fiberglass encasements.

DE Parks & Recreation
This project involved repairing a select group of piles by encasing them with fiberglass jackets.

Albany Port District Commission
Walker Diving was contracted to carry out numerous pile repairs under rather challenging conditions.

Port Authority of NJ & NY
Removal and replacement of nearly 900 anodes.

PA Department of Transportation
Walker Diving was recently hired by Crossing Construction Co. to rebuild the timber fender on the Route 95 Bridge at Darby Creek. Walker’s work involved completely removing the existing fender then installing a new timber fender system.


South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority

Walker Diving was hired to locate and recover three aerators, one 34’ long in 42’ of water and two 25’ long units approximately 30’ deep for inspection and refurbishment.

US Army Corps of Engineers
Walker Diving’s portion of this repair project was to repair scour defects on all four sides of each of ten guidewall support piers by pumping a five thousand psi grout by the use of forms and or grout bag placement.

Fawn Lake Forest Association
This project involved the replacement of a shaft, including the resetting and stabilizing of concrete pedestals.

Town of Amenia, New York
Walker Diving was contracted to assist with the rehabilitation of Thorne Dam in the Town of Amenia, NY. The scope of the work was to provide, install, and anchor in place a 200 linear ft. by 10 ft. deep silt boom upstream of the crest of the dam.

United Water
Inspection of three dams in Northern NJ.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
The WSSC contracted Johnston Construction Corp. (prime) of York, PA and Walker Diving (sub) to perform the intake repairs to the Howard T. Duckett Dam in Laurel, MD. The scope of the work for Walker Diving consisted of replacing the two sluice gates that were below the water level and replacing the entire trash rack guide in front of the tower structure.

Intakes & Outfalls

Western Berks Water Authority
Walker Diving Underwater Construction Corporation was hired by T-A-H Construction Inc. of Lancaster, PA to assist with underwater construction.

Town of Perryville, MD
In the Fall of 2007 Walker Diving was given the contract to build a new water intake in the Susquehanna river for the town of Perryville, MD.

The York Water Company
In the fall of 2003 Walker Diving was contracted by Kinsley Construction of York, PA to install the raw water intakes for York Water’s new pump station.

Plant Maintenance

In 2006 Walker Diving was asked to replace a 36” gate and actuator in an effluent channel at the Port Richmond Waste Treatment Plant for the New York City DEP.

Amerada Hess Corporation
Walker's role here is was to inspect and measure the plant's fire pump intakes for future upgrading.


Philadelphia Water Company
Walker Diving was contracted by the Philadelphia Water Department to inspect and clean the dual siphons carrying waste water under the Schuylkill River.


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