General Contractor:



ODEC (Old Dominion Electric Cooperative)

Peach Bottom, PA (map)

Walker Diving was contracted to construct the inlet and outlet structures of ODEC’s new 1000MW Power Plant at Wildcat Point. The work was located in the Susquehanna River accessed from the Lancaster County side. Walker Diving worked with Allan Myers and Bradshaw Construction to develop the approach to the project which included micro-tunneling with wet recovery and construction inside flooded cofferdams. Walker Diving performed the following steps:

 1. Installed two cofferdams in the river

2. Excavated over 1000 cubic yards of sediment and debris using a clamshell bucket for transport to land. 

3. Transported excavated sediment to land using ferry barges where it was offloaded by long reach excavator into dump trucks. 

4. Recovered the MTBM (Micro Tunnel Boring Machine) which had installed over 700 LF over 60” casing pipe from the wet well to the cofferdam. 

5. Assembled the concrete forms, rebar and piping on land and set the forms in the cofferdam. 

6. Placed 200 cubic yards of concrete by pumping about 600 feet through an underwater pipeline placed on the bottom of the river. 

7. Installed the piping for the intake water, discharge water and air lines inside the casing pipe and connected the lines. 

8. Installed the screens and 600 LF of ductile iron outfall pipe 

9. Removed the cofferdams 

The project was completed on time and Walker Diving received positive reviews from the G.C. and the Construction Manager, Burns & McDonnell. (2016)

Installing Coferdams


Offloading Excvated Sediment


Recovering 60" MTBM


Preparing Formwork for Placement

Pipeline Construction

Preparing to Install Pipe Bundle

Water and Air Line Bundle