Marine Materials


Specialty Marine Materials

As a specialty marine and diving contractor, Walker Diving is familiar with a wide variety of specialized products used only in the marine industry and has many years of experience both installing and purchasing these products. Due to established relationships and bulk discounts, Walker Diving is able to source and supply many specialty marine materials at a price below what may be available through other channels.

For assistance sourcing marine construction materials, please contact our main office. 

Materials which are regularly purchased and may be in stock include, but are not limited to:

  • Pile Jackets

  • Rebar (epoxy coated and galvanized) 

  • Underwater cementitious grouts and hand-pack materials  

  • Underwater epoxies (pumpable and splash zone) 

  • Underwater exothermic cutting rods 

  • Marine Timber (CCA treated) 

  • Pipe piles, H piles and sheet pile

Contact us for pricing and availability.