Marine Equipment Rentals


As a specialty marine and diving contractor, Walker Diving maintains and employs a wide variety of specialized equipment that is made available for short or long term rent when not committed to internal use.

Underwater tools include hydraulic tool systems including hydraulic power units, hoes, and tools from manufacturers such as Stanley, C.S. Unitec, and Jancy. All hydraulics use only environmentally-safe bio-hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic tools in inventory include chainsaws, drills, impact wrenches, core drills, reciprocating saws, hammer drills, jack hammers, grinders, mag drills, etc... 

Floating equipment available includes a variety of boats, timber floats and steel floats. 

    -Timber floats are 4' x 20' x 12" Douglass fir dock builder floats. 

    -Steel Floats are 8' x 20' x 32" sturdy marine floats with a flat deck and low freeboard which makes them ideal for use as working platforms under many   conditions. These highly flexible units offer the following:

  • Road-transportable

  • 20" freeboard (with no load) 

  • Sturdy Construction - made from 1/4" steel plate with internal stiffeners  

  • Weight - approximately 9,000 pounds 

  • Some are virtually unsinkable (Foamed with USCG compliant marine foam) 

  • Limited ability to be connected together to form a larger platform 

  • NOT suitable for supporting heavy equipment

-Larger Steel Floats/Barges may be available based on our workload.  Inventory includes:
   Shugart Sectional Barges (10'x30'x5' each) 30'x40' platform including Rake Section and Spudwells
   Sectional Floats (12'x40'x4' each) 24'x40' platform with Raked End and Spudwells
   Small Barge: 12'x30'x3' with rake and Spudwells 

   108'x54'x9' Sectional Barge (18 sections, bolt together) with self-picking spuds
   90'x54x'9' Sectional Barge (15sections, bolt together) with rake and self-picking spuds
   130'x40'x5' Sectional barge (Rendrag pin together) with self-picking spuds 

Contact us for pricing and availability.

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