General Contractor:


Piers & Wharfs

Albany Port District Commission

Albany, NY

IOTA Construction Corp.

In the fall of 2005 Walker Diving was contracted by IOTA Construction Corp. of Rensselaer, New York to perform underwater repairs to the timber pile support structure at the Port of Albany. The work primarily entailed pile posting for deteriorated sections of the piles, pile shimming and sistering of existing deteriorated timber caps, all to return the support structure to an improved condition. The pile posting was performed by cutting out the deteriorated section using underwater hydraulic chainsaws. A new section was then installed along with through bolted side support timbers to return the piles’ integrity. Pile shimming was completed where the pile contacts the timber cap to regain the required 100% bearing. The timber cap repairs involved placement of new timbers beneath the existing cap and attaching to piles to regain pile support to the structure. Walker Diving’s crew performed all of the work from a barge with crane support from the pier. New piles were also added to the existing structure. Working under the pier was very challenging, as divers had to work in very close proximity to adjacent piles where there was less than thirty inches of clearance between piles.

Placing concrete forms for abutment repair.


Center pier of swing bridge.