US Army Corps of Engineers

Industry: Dams
Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Troy, NY
General Contractor: Kovilic Construction

Walker Diving’s portion of the project was to repair scour defects on all four sides of each of ten guidewall support piers by pumping a five thousand psi grout by the use of forms and or grout bag placement. Grout was successfully placed and pumped at distances up to three hundred fifty feet from closes point that ready mix trucks could access to the site. Additionally, Walker Diving was contracted to assist with the removal of trees and debris from the lock access area bottom and to assist Kovilic Construction with the survey, recovery and placement of new curtain walls and to grout bottoms into place. All work was performed within all USACOE requirements, with no loss time incidents and completed on schedule. The underwater portion of the repairs had to be performed without disrupting the use of the locks and or boat and barge traffic. As this project was a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facility and project, it came under very strict guidelines and requirements, especially safety as well as materials used for the repairs.

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