Western Berks Water Authority


Intakes & Outfalls


Western Berks Water Authority


Sinking Springs, PA

General Contractor:

T-A-H Constructruction


Gannett Fleming

Walker Diving Underwater Construction Corporation was hired by T-A-H Construction Inc. of Lancaster, PA to assist with underwater construction. The project involved improving the raw water intake system at the Sinking Springs Plant. Walker Diving had to first remove debris and riprap around the existing intakes. This was followed by the removal of twelve existing 24” diameter passive screens. Walker Diving then temporarily replaced them with six blind flanges and then with six modified screen assemblies. The screen assemblies consisted of a 24” manually operated butterfly valve, a spool piece with a three inch airline (for clearing with air bursts) and a pressure washed existing screen. After assembly on the surface the screen assemblies were set in place using a crane. By removing only one screen at a time and immediately installing the new blind flanges and screen assemblies, the plant was able to continue to draw water while the work was being performed.


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