RI Department of Transportation




RI Department of Transportation


Washington Street Bridge, Providence

General Contractor:

Jay Cashman


In the fall of 2006, Walker Diving was contracted by Jay Cashman, Inc. of Quincy, Mass to perform underwater improvements and repairs to the in-water substructure of the Washington Bridge crossing the Seekonk River. The work primarily entailed encasing ten new 7-ft. diameter pier support casings for added corrosion protection. This work was performed below the high water line requiring divers to install new encapsulation system. The system included a fiberglass jacket surrounding the steel casing with a half-inch epoxy fill for lasting protection. Jacket sizes varied up to a 10-ft. in length. Walker Diving’s crew performed the work from a sectional barge acting as the diver’s work platform, including the necessary equipment for cleaning the casings, handling the jackets and pumping the epoxies. Working with the jackets was a difficult task as the large size of the fiberglass panels had to be hand lowered into position, with the divers directing the final location around the casing. Once secured in place, the diver’s attached epoxy fill hoses and monitored the jacket filling operation through the translucent fiberglass material. Also included in Walker Diving’s portion of the project was to perform underwater crack injection and spall repairs of the existing concrete piers and to cutoff a portion of the existing fender system to allow for a timber fender reconstruction. The diver with the use of an underwater hydraulic chainsaw completed cutting of the timber piles.


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