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Lake Kedron, GA

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Walker Diving


The Peachtree Parkway bridge over Lake Kedron was built in 1985. The original substructure was designed to provide four lanes of traffic. However, only half of the structure was utilized, providing one lane in each direction. This allowed the opportunity for the town to provide a separate cart path across the unused portion of the bridge to allow for a safer crossing. The improvements consisted of encasing the steel H-beam support piles with grout-filled fiberglass forms, which is a common method used to protect the exposed portion of the piles from deterioration. Three divers were in the water on a daily basis with the assistance of topside support. Prior to installing the fiberglass forms, the steel H-beams were waterblasted to remove the light rust scale that had built up over the years. The fiberglass forms, supplied by Fox Industries in Baltimore, MD, were installed around the piles and extending two feet into the existing bottom and two feet above the water line. Once installed, high strength underwater grout was pumped into the forms. The top portion of the encasement was coated with epoxy for additional protection. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Crews begin by pressure washing all exposed steel in preparation for the fiberglass pile-jackets.
All jackets in place and filled with underwater grout


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